An excellent summary of much of Sabrina’s information by Francis Leader

For those of you who have followed the ongoing information from Sabrina Wallace (see Books 1 through 6 Sabrina Dawn at the bottom of the Free Reports Sign Up Page-click herethe following information was posted on Substack on November 14, 2023 by Francis Leader:

This is an excellent summary of much of Sabrina’s information.

Snowdens Phoenix: Sabrina Wallace

Wireless tissue engineering & Mind Control- over the WBAN 802.15.6 network. Whistleblower from the top end of the Spystate.

Telestai (Bufus Alvarius)

This article is based on a blueprint from Pasheen Stonebrooke, a huge thanks for her relentless efforts! I added the introduction and links, added and changed some parts and transformed it into this one! If you have to catch up on the science, I do recommend this overview of the omnipresent Intra-Body Nano-Network

“Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

~James Baldwin

What Sabrina Wallace reveals to us- is nothing short of groundbreaking:

A human bodypart, the bioenergetic field- got purposefully erased from scientific & public discourse, for about 100 years- and is being abused to route data through our body, aided by self assembling biosensors in the blood, for the WBAN 802.15.6 (wide body area network)Neural Lace has already been deployed, since 1995 (hydrogel, mesogens, qdots, aluminium, titanium, nickel, cadmium… then GO & other metamaterials, self assembling plasmonic nanorectennas etc.)!

Sensor hunters” can log in to people, with EEG headsets and controllers, to change biophysical parameters through electromagnetic pulsing, by abusing the “light frequency” (photonic) language of our own DNA: the biophotons from our bioenergetic field. Companies like your insurance company, can log into your body, abusing the telemetry of your aura/biofield- based on your veins, arteries, chakras, meridians & nodal points. Welcome to remote controlled humans like SIMS.

Technical overview alongside evidence, Sabrina Wallace.

You do not believe that ?

Short Presentation about what is being officially revealed already!

Above Photos: Family involvement in military / black projects proof, Electromagnetic Drone from 1950, handwritten wedding list of her Rothschild mum / parents, employment proof

The Weaponisation of our bio-electrical field…
…to manipulate our biology, read and write data, interface human brains, cells, tissues, bone marrow.

I’m not sure if people are grasping the importance of Sabrina Wallace’s information. Her information is consistent with and helps to explain a whole raft of hitherto unexplained or inadequately understood phenomena, including the TI program. 

Here are some of the capabilities of this system, which has been evolving over many decades:

1) Remote covert Transhumanism; the creation of cyborgs/bio-robot slaves, per the original 1952 memo-mandate for CIA’s Project Bluebird, MKULTRA and MONARCH.

2) Life extension technologies, electromagnetic tissue healing and genetic alterations via CRISPR-Cas-9. Now the elite can live forever and everyone else can be “offed” or “cyborged,” as desired.

3) Precision AI-driven Health Care, a cover for the above two operations as well as many others.

4)Electronic/ Information/ Cognitive/Netcentric/ Mosaic Warfare operations. (Thank you Joint Chiefs of Staff and DOD for torturing your own citizens and soldiers via Project MAVEN, Project SALUS, Project Pegasus, and other “Peacetime Operations.”)

5) Telecommunications industry, police, Sheriffs, military, black ops, para-military, civilian groups, Silicon Valley, etc. carry out these (network killing) operations.

6) Bill Gates’ demented 060606 crypto-currency to body activity patent of 2020.

7) WEF’s (World Economic Forum’s) “under the skin surveillance” using biosensors, intra-body nano-network, EM frequencies and WBAN, and drones and cube satellites. This is HOW they do it.

8) Mik Anderson and La Quinta Columna’s graphene- and Radio Frequency -supported Intra-body nano-network. The same principle is used in geoengineering and weather warfare: First, add electrically conductive nano-materials into the system (be it human or atmospheric), then second, zap with electromagnetic radiation/frequencies. Now you get to CONTROL the systems.

9) Operation Pegasus: Israeli Defense Forces’ (NRO’s) application of Phoenix (civilian torture-murder) Program to dissidents, journalists, whistleblowers (i.e., the Targeted Individual Program),

10) Operation/Project SALUS: Drones watch everyone think and everyones cells phase and phage states in real time with DoD’s Cognitive Technology Threat Warning System (C2TWS). Project SALUS is watching your biosensors and YOU from the inside out, using your body area network (WBAN). Project SALUS has been around since 1969.

11) The real purpose of the COVID jab (and the creation of COV-BAN) is to get more metamaterials such as graphene into the body, for greater electronic WBAN throughput. (Again, see La Quinta Columnas work and that of Mik Andersen on graphene, self-assembling nano-technology, and intra-body nano-networks.)

12) THE TI PROGRAM involves all of the above and much more. Please study Sabrina’s videos (odysee, psinergy)

13) OPERATION CRESTONE/BACA New age-interfaith religious cum mind/behavioral control experiment in crestone/baca, colorado from the 1980s to present.

If we can help people to understand these technologies and connections, Sabrina Wallace’s information may provide a huge breakthrough. And yet, even this is apparently the tip of a much larger iceberg, that has to do with the creation of a transhuman/ posthuman world. Most of humanity and indeed all the biosphere, could be wiped out and changed to silicon-based EBE’s (engineered biological entities) with these technologies.

We are in the era of field effect technology. Fields comprise our bodies, those fields are being violated for profit and control. Imagine holding your two hands palm up, imagine a ball of air the size of an orange hovering over your palms, a ball of frequency. Well, this tech era can attribute that orange ball with hundreds of frequency variants (apps of sorts) capable of just about anything kinetic or electronic or chemical devices can do (from starting fires to heart attacks and much much more). A great many things can be passed through the ball, reside in the ball, be bounced off it, and the ball can be that one that’s already inside every man and woman.” (Anonymous)

The Institute of Electronics & Electrical Engineers (IEEE), has humans on the Internet of Bodies / Behaviors (IOB)– abusing biosensors, quantum control, biophotonics, etc.- standards for measuring the electrical map of the body’s homeostasis, in preparation for morphology, Transhumanism, living libraries, Digital Twins of everyone alive (since 2005), Havana Syndrome & more.

Welcome to your Body Area Network (BAN) & its derivatives Wide (WAN), Rural/Radio (RAN), Metro (MAN), Computer (CAN), Local (LAN), Personal (PAN) & the Nano Network.

Welcome to wireless tissue engineering & total piezoelectric control of your body!

Sabrina shows that access to your body is wide open, with no security protocols, to anyone with Zigbee/Bluetooth applications or GitHub software, or $45,000 to buy a remote control for your body.

A cornerstone of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is “biological convergence”. You won’t be able to tell, whether these people are purely human or fused, at the molecular level, with artificial tissues.

You are a Humantenna!, the electronic signal routing system & the weapon too.

Microchips are no longer necessary, for nanoscale synthetic biology with biometric systems. Welcome to your worst nightmare creeping around & it could be right next to you.

WHERE is Electronic Warfare & Transhumanism being deployed?

It starts in America, specifically the Military Industrial Complex (MIC), through DARPA experimentation with super soldiers, augmentation, surveillance, targeted individuals, Real (Digital) ID, digital twins of every person on earth and the Internet of Bodies. According to Sabrina, China has also been the testing ground for many of these experiments.

From America, electronic manipulation has been deployed worldwide. In fact, it was introduced in China in the 90s. Since the United Nations (UN) is used as the primary implementation tool of the New World Order (NWO), it’s safe to assume that EW is available to all member nations.

The Department of Defense (DoD) has already defined the Global Information Grid (GIG) architecture with specific feeder grids/ kill boxes/ SMART cities, built in by perturbing the air molecules around each head & the biosensors in the biofield. Under Pentagon Directive 3000.09, updated in 2023 (first published in 2012), the military is autonomous & declares “positive outcomes are not necessary”. Welcome to kill boxes & feeding grids where AI decides wether you live or die.

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The most Accurate Description Of The Ex Big Pharma Reps (Karen Kingston & Sasha Latypova) (Sabrina Wallace)

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How does it work? … puppeting humans in real time (Sabrina Wallace)

Sabrina worked at CISCO, at the backend of the space force servers and facilitated the shift to broadband. She was responsible for 300000 dollar a minute in case of issues and only one other person in the USA knew what to do. She is from the top end of the spystate, currently in an EMF free zone, 4 clearances over law enforcement (Her authenticity has been background checked multiple times, old handwritten wedding lists of her parents, family photos, etc.).

We have a chance to turn the tides on this demented and soulless psychopathy, for the first time in human history!

This is a battle between the Xenosh (archontic xenobiotics) vs. the Anthropos (the true mankind, as designed) & the truth will set you free!

Sabrina Wallace Odysee Channel

Sabrina Wallace Transcript 6g Lopan

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How Did They Get The Sensors Inside Raw Transcript,Sabrina Wallace 2023

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How do they get the biosensor in me? Part 1.MOV How do they get the biosensors in me? Part 2.MOV


Sabrina Wallace Transcript Working The Math Regardless

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Extensive Overview over the Basics, by Sabrina Wallace (Raw Transcript, meaning that it contains errors)


Psinergy Singage With Dr Ana And Maria Zeee

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Response to Zeees Video with Dr. Ana Mihalcea, mentioning the WBAN 802.15.6


Sabrina Wallace It Is Not A Rabbit Hole

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Sabrina talks about the basics


Drone Kill Net Part English Complete

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Explanation Transcript of the Drone Killnet, here the Videos:


Sabrina Wallace Where Do The Mac Ids Come From

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RAW transcript


Burning Man Incident Sabrina Wallace

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You have to believe Raytheon, Northrupp Gruman, Android and even Verizon all work jobs that regard your body as a NODE on a BODY AREA NETWORK. (Wikipedia, IEEE 802.15.6 for WBAN = YOUR wide (wireless) body area network).

They did not offer a new technology. They digitally bound up the human electrical homeostasis, known as the biofield (formerly known as the aura), into a series of soft robotics, DNA-analyte biosensors and crafted libraries for database curation and labeling, sold them to Department of Defense vendor companies for years, and continue issuing software to anyone who wishes to utilize it for biological and electronic weaponry, on the same wireless systems as our cell phones. And they call it “Havanna Syndrome,” “Targeted Individuals,” or just call you crazy, tell you to take drugs and take your property and vocation by assassinating your character OR you – Arkancide style.

They get paychecks for doing all of this every day and until we- as individuals, start being accountable to our own body parts, there is no way to hold the other humans among us accountable. And their level of violence and hostility is escalating, not abating.”

(Sabrina Wallace)

Sabrina Wallace, daughter of a Rothschild mum (both parents are from space force, black projects), is a survivor of DARPA N2 testing- for human augmentation and ongoing electronic warfare.

I do not have email, telegram, IMSG or a cell phone. I teach free classes, for extended situational awareness, harnessing the human body part, known as the human biofield. This presentation is for folks who do not understand how their body has already been made commercially available to the cloud, since 2005. IEEE is the International Standards for Electronics and Electrical Engineering. You will find your body on the web and commercially accessible via the same wireless working groups for all wireless devices. How did it happen? How can you gain access to the biosensors that are magnetically routing the data instead of your lunch in your red blood cells? (Folks, this one is for you and while it is not my A Game, I give myself a B and if you want me to include anything, please let me know. I am currently working on signs for the literal math from A to B, so people can understand energy harvesting.”

(Sabrina Wallace)

The true Timeline of Inventions

Courtesy of Diva Drops

(hence science fiction authors were predictive programmers)

1879: “Wifi” got invented (taken away 1922)

1880s: Nanotechnology is invented.

1903: Neuromorphic chip sets are purchased by banks (designed to interact with disembodied spirits).

1922-1924: Humans are connected via telephony.

1953: The Predator MQ Reaper is introduced.

1954: Gravity is mastered, as per Dr. Steven Greer, with the assistance of over 750 whistleblowers over a span of 30 years.

1956: Biosensors are developed.

1960s: Langland’s equation (300 years old) is “given” as the basis for cryptographic protocols/security. This equation is a meromorphic function on the complex plane, and a cubic equation is also introduced [Cube Sat].

1968: RFID chipping of humans is rolled out through the Medical Implant Communications System/ARPANET.

1969: Project Salus (SES) brings advancements in AI, heads-up display technology, and quantum research.

1972: The Library of Congress documents the existence of a “heart attack gun.”

1975: The Asilomar Conference on Recombinant DNA results in a decision to pursue Synthetic Biology.

1976: Research on biologic toxins is conducted at Proving Ground, UT, Edgewood Arsenal, MD, and Ft. Detrick, MD.

1980s: Quantum computing companies emerge (corporations, not nations). A Signature Reduction Force is established, with white vans assigned various vocations and benefits. Local logistics involve N2 and N3.

1990s: N3 is introduced, with library access via NIST or NASA.

1993 Noninvasive neuron exchange (N:N) in 3D to 4D or B:B is developed, overseen by Greer, a private contractor, studying the UFO phenomenon, exotic technology, and whistleblower testimony.

1994: Neuro modulation is introduced in Rwanda.

1995 Brain-to-brain (B2Bi) communication technology is provided to individuals within Congress by

1995: The Wide Body Area Network (WBAN) becomes available online.

1999: Synthetic telepathy is made possible via WordPress on the backend.

2002: MAC internet routing is established for network engineering.

2005: Biosensors are created using analyte DNA, RNA, and peptides, with logins via NASA, corporations, vendors, and companies.
Targeted Individuals and Havana Syndrome become possible with 2.4 Thz 802.15.4 and .5, alongside WBAN.

2007: NIST defines biophotonic tools for cell and tissue diagnostics. The concept of “digital twin” is introduced in the Global Information Grid (GIG) Architecture.

2008: The rollout of synthetic biology begins.

2009: The term “kill box” is defined.

2012: Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) is introduced. MRI technology leaves hospitals, enabling DARPA to monitor individuals more freely.

2013: Biosensors are embedded, and IEEE defines Body Area Network (BAN). The term “targeted individuals” gains prominence.

2013: Wireless drugging of seniors becomes possible via nano antennas.

2014: Commercial availability of brain-to-brain interaction (B2Bi).

2014: Segmented sensor networks by organ (SMACs) with mesh routing maps using Industrial Scientific Medical (ISM) RF bands and Human Body Connectors (HBC) are introduced.

2015: The Jade Helm military exercise is conducted.

2016: Information teleportation on chips is achieved, involving technologies like cubernates, OpenAI, and Microsoft OpenAI.

2017: Nano slaughter bots are developed, controlled via AI.

2017: The graphene cyber-physical backbone, known as the “black awakening,” is established.

2017: The Internet of Things (IoT) comes online, incorporating a wide range of sensors and communication devices.

2018: People become interconnected with the Cloud.

2020: The Covid pandemic leads to the establishment of a dedicated data center known as Cov-Ban, part of the Internet of Things (IoT) WBAN.

2021: Amazon shipping services gain mesh and hybridized networking capabilities over the WBAN 802.16.5 – the wide body area network.

2022: The United Nations introduce Digital ID.

2023: The Internet of Behaviors (IoB) becomes operational.

Nov. 1996: Advertisements for the “Soul Catcher” implant chip, which, as Personal Computer World explains, “will be implanted behind a person’s eye and will record all their thoughts and life”. Dr Chris Winter boasts to London’s Daily Telegraph: “This is the end of death… By combining this information with a record of the person’s genes, we could control them physically, emotionally and spiritually”.

23 September 1998: Professor Kevin Warwick becomes the first known human being to communicate with machines via a microchip implanted in his body. Afterwards he admitted: “It makes me feel that Orwell was probably right about the Big Brother thing.”

15 October 1998: The BBC reports on “bionic brain implants” developed by American scientists. “Over several months, the implant becomes naturally wired into the patient’s brain, as nerve cells grow into the cones and attach themselves to electrodes mounted inside,” the report says.

5 September 2001: ABC News journalist Nicholas Regush warns that “mind control” could be on the horizon. “On the bright side, the power of this science could be used to repair broken and diseased brains,” he says. “On the dark side, there would be opportunities to tinker with consciousness and mind, and to control human behaviour in ominous ways.”

1 May 2002: An ABC report entitled “Scientists Develop Remote-Controlled Rats” describes a project funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in which rats “each with three hair-thin electrical probes wired to their brains” are “remotely controlled by an operator typing commands on a computer”.

10 May 2002: A family have microchips implanted in their bodies on national television (CBS) to get the public used to the idea.

15 August 2002: At the height of the summer of kidnappings, the Philadelphia Inquirer runs a front-page story about the new “high-tech approach to child safety”: chipping children.

7 March 2003: An article in the Kansas City Star describes University of Kansas professor Jerome Dobson, “a respected leader in the field of geographic information technologies”, warns that GPS technology could lead to a form of “geoslavery” that could make “George Orwell’s ‘Big Brother’ nightmare … look amateurish“.

12 March 2003: The BBC carries an article entitled “Scientists develop ‘brain chip’”, which states that “US scientists say a silicon chip could be used to replace the hippocampus, where memory storage is coordinated“. Tests, starting with rats and rapidly progressing to monkeys, will eventually be carried out on humans.

June 2003: “In a few months, researchers at the University of Southern California will test the world’s first prosthetic brain part,” claims Popular Science, crediting Theodore Berger with a 2mm-wide silicon chip that he hopes will one day replace damaged or diseased regions of the brain. Possible military applications for the brain chip, which was partly funded by DARPA, include building “sophisticated electronics” and integrating them into human brains, which could “one day lead to cyborg soldiers and robot servants”.

June 2003: In an article published on the DARPA website, Dr Alan Rudolph explains how the agency’s “Brain Machine Interfaces Program” will create “new technologies to augment human performance”.

14 April 2004: The Associated Press headlines “FDA Approves Brain Implant Device”. Citing benefits for people with physical and brain disorders, scientist Richard Andersen points out that “surgeons are already implanting devices into the human brain – sometimes deep – to treat deafness and Parkinson’s disease” and says: “I think there is a consensus among many researchers that the time is right to begin human-to-human trials“. – TIME magazine cover: – 1971 “The New Genetics: Turning Man into Superman”

1977 “The DNA Frenzy: Tinkering with Life” 

1984 “Shaping Life in the Laboratory: The Boom in Genetic Engineering”

1994 “Genetics: The Future Is Now” 

1999 “The Future of Medicine. Medicine: How genetic engineering will affect us in the next century” 2005

2015 “The Gene Machine: What CRISPR Experiments Mean for Humanity” – Scientific American cover:

2018 “Progress and Controversy: Genetic Engineering” including sections on (1) Gene Therapy: Second Act, (2) RNA Revolution & (3) On/Off Switch for Genes It’s been staring us in the face in every waiting room and grocery checkout line in America for decades. We just haven’t noticed. *CIA director Gus Hunt said in 2013: “You’re already a walking sensor platform.” He noted that mobile phones, smartphones and iPads have cameras, accelerometers, light detectors and geolocation capabilities. Hunt also said: “It really is almost within our grasp to be able to capture all human-generated information” 

WHY would our government do this to us?

Besides the age-old motives: POWER, CONTROL & WEALTH – the abominations who control the world, tend to be demented psychopaths. These controllers want to be and create soulless computer gods, an “enhanced human hybrid/cyborg”, a hive mind under the control of A.I. (them).

The NWO was agreed upon & chartered under the guise of the League of Nations, after WW1. It morphed into the UN after WW2, & President John F. Kennedy signed the “Freedom from War” treaty, which created the “white helmet” global police/peace with the aim of global disarmament.

This NWO is also pushing us towards Open Borders, Digital Currency (Digital ID is already in use since 2009). The global population is around 8 billion, which is taxing the resources & homeostasis of the earth. Huge population growth means more people competing for limited computing power.

The 13 controlling bloodlines (Club of Rome, Tavistock, the Council of 300, the Vatican) – the ultimate controllers, have either found Atlantis off the northern coast of the Horn of Africa, or want to bring back the city of Ur. To do this, they are busy terraforming the atmosphere, creating the cyber-physical backbone for computing power & are working underground, to blow up Pangea- to implement the CIA plan “Adam & Eve”, to invert the magnetic field of the earths poles & reform the world in their demented image. (See the plan outlined in the Georgia Guidestones).

Are we their “prima materia”, to complete this demented plan?

We- the people- are their wireless routing mesh-network, as they transmit data through our body. We are the “useless eaters”, who serve as their labrats, as their cyber-physical backbone, their playthings, until they remotely execute us (the turning of the hand and collapse that cannot occur naturally like that). These controllers scoff at the Earth & mock us for our faith. By successfully tampering with the DNA- they feel superior. Their moronic pseudoscientific beliefs of neo-darwinism, are the primal motivation for their demented agenda:

Transhumanism! Bio-convergence- turning us into Cyborgs (a provenly cytotoxic and sterilising processof plundering our bodies electrical conductivity– for mesh networks, for logging into people, for remote tissue engineering- for world dominance! “Don’t let them get away with it!”

Basically everyone has been deceived, on a sliding scale from hybrids (most eNhAncEd) to free-range humans, who have avoided the covidiac jab & are simply trying to eat clean and stay alive! However, no one can avoid metamaterials completely, as the air and our food are being sprayed or worse (for fake, noble causes), waterfilters come with graphene oxide, and all of our medicine / anesthetics / injections, are contaminated by them (hydrogel, graphene oxide, dna crystals that self assemble to plasmonic nanorectennas etc.). These controllers are manipulating the metamorphosis of this planet, OUR dna (and its biophotonic language). They are abusing steganography, to store data on it. They edit our genes by abusing the enzymes CRSPR CAS 9 & 13, to write software code / dsDNA (there was no phosphor nor nitrogen in the shots, no elements of life) into our genome. They graphenize the entire biosphere to shreds, assuming their superiority over the Earth (the narcissistic believe that humans were the gods) – what an abomination!

HOW? They treat us like labrats, testing on the elderly, the poor, the military, the mentally handicapped and on subjects of communist nations.

Our history has been systematically hidden from us & the official stories have been perverted by them, for decades!

YOU are being wirelessly monitored, through biosensors (802.15.4), through at least 2 radio frequency (RF) sinks near your heart, namely the thoracic duct of your lymphatic system and the bladder system. The cisterna chyli of your lymphatic system picks up signals from meshnetwork-nodes above your circulatory system & the acupuncture meridians. Your digital twin has been uploaded to the cloud since 2005 & your neurons are now monitored in real time. These biosensors are made from YOUR tissues (..amino acids, peptides, etc.) attached to nanotechnology (transducers) that use your red blood cells & minerals, to transmit the electrical signals to RF sinks. The RF sinks can act as a conduit to uncouple cells, dissociate fields, collocate fields, collocate neurons, mesh with the BANs, etc. This system was introduced in the 90’s & since then there has been a huge increase in autoimmune diseases. Using up red blood cells depletes iron. Signing in & out electrical signals in an unnatural way, through the unique & sensitive biofield- causes inflammation, rhythmic changes of the heart & differences in pressure, that disrupt your immune system (about 80% in the biofield) & endocrine system (about 40-60% in the biofield).

Welcome to Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Cancer, Autism, autoimmune diseases, “morgellons” (Mesogens) & a host of other diseases- as a by-product of electronic warfare!

Having trouble believing that the IEEE standards for 802.15 are targeting YOUR biofield?

The BODY Area Network

This neuromodulation was developed & implemented through black/special access projects (SAP), while the medical community, sheriffs, lawfare advocates, military, paramilitary- all “looked the other way” (orchestrated by GeoSpatial)Anyone in HVAC, in Radio Frequency, Raspberry Pi- or Python knew-, what was happening! NASA provided the computing power, specifically the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL). It’s a system of surveillance & reconnaissance & total control, because they get you down to the bone marrow, via biophotons.

Search the Internet of Behaviours, which includes all bodies & things, industrial as well as medical. They are using Wide Body Area Networks, 6gloPAN, for synthetic biology and they are using graphene, hydrogel & nanoantennas, as the cyber-physical backbone for it all!

Your neurons will be monitored 6 days in advance & modified, if necessary- to achieve the desired outcome. They are monitored & controlled via Sensors Open System Architecture (SOSA) & Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) using 6G LoPAN: RF signals that are Zigbee/Bluetooth enabled.

Anyone with the expertise could sense/detect or jam the signals. This back and forth communication interferes with your natural human biofield response. The military currently has a 5G mesh networked swarm of drones, for Intel called OSIRIS (Marine Corps, helicopters, AT&T (Southern Bell & Bell Labs) per C4ISR, September 2022.

If they want to bypass the IP protocol, they also have ISIS, or Intermediate System to Intermediate System. The programmers writing the applications for Zigbee & Bluetooth have been using k-hop routing based on heat, fenestration of the biofield & active data collection based on carrier & collision waves. It’s open shortest path first. In essence, your body has become part of the computer network model of open systems connectivity.

How? Technically, We the People are now beacon-enabled CSMN/CA (with collision avoidance). There is also a non-beacon mode called unslotted CSMA/CA. It’s wide open, off-the-shelf, neural-network based biohacking – YOUR neurons & YOUR biophotons too. All of this surveillance is controlled by ISR, L3, Harris & Raytheon via Raytheon via C4ISR. It’s an applied SIGNAL technology in phase 2 development called HADES (the god of war) or High Accuracy Detection Exploitation System, which is a Multi Domain Sensing System (MDSS). The system is globally deployable with longer ranges & higher altitudes in terms of capability requirements. It’s SOSA & MOSA under the Programme Executive Office (PEO) for Electronic Warfare, based on sensors, using WBAN, BAN, 802.15.5, 802.15.6 & 6G LoPAN. YOU are the network!

This system causes repeated inflammatory responses, by interfacing our biological signals, to read and write anything “they” want, electromagnetically- into your neuronal network, your cells, your tissue, your bone marrow!

Everytime DARPA deploys a gradient wave, you will suffer with symptoms, with pain. This is complete piezoelectric molecular control, down to the bone marrow & wireless tissue engineering. This functions autonomously and is mapped via the telemetry of your own biofield. It has been built by fundamental & ancient knowledge, from our sciences around the Biofield, Frequency, Oscillation, Cymatics, Optics, Radionics & Plasmonics. Using the technology described above, YOUR biophotons are sucked from you. YOU are essentially acting as a battery, that is constantly being recharged (monthly, as your biophotons are depleted). Using us as a battery, antenna, weapon & wireless transmission station, are just some of the ways, in which they are taking full advantage of your bioenergy, with unfettered access that you have not authorized.

Since the entire system is powered by your DNA, it cannot simply be turned off. That action would liquidate you as well.

Speaking of liquid, researchers are now using “liquid neural networks”, as AI algorithms, that adapt to new data inputs.

How is the data collected and used?

From the air above, or with a drone, manipulating the ground from below with CERN, Iter, Tokamak, MITRE & Neutrino Arrays… YOU are part of the ambient, cognitive network (CBAN).

Also, anyone on SSRIs, is better at routing data than the unmedicated mind, hence the astronomical increase in pharmaceutical drugging for mood/emotional disorders. It’s ubiquitous and pervasive computing. It’s a closed neural loop. It’s synthetic biology, morphology & genetic engineering. It’s Transhumanism.

How does it work?

Metamaterials are the answer, transducing our conductivity (from Gigahertz, to Terahertz and back to Gigahertz & vice versa). Metamaterials are cytotoxic substances, that do not normally occur in nature, namely graphene, hydrogel, plasmonic nanorectennas, qdots, mesogens and many more.

According to Sabrina Wallace, the metamaterials are inscribed with the “Key of Solomon” SEALS lithography. This is another way the Controllers could achieve their desired outcome of hybrids, of a controllable hive mind. The Metamaterials have SMART properties, due to their precise shape, geometry, size, orientation & arrangement.

Bioenergetic work

Sabrina developed her biofield strengthening techniques (similar to Wilhelm Reichs bioenergetic work), called Block, Shock, Shunt & Shield, based on how the meta materials can manipulate (block, absorb, amplify & bend) electromagnetic waves. She uses amplitude, loss & capacity, to counter an attack on the biofield. Metamaterials result in meta-surfaces, through a process of polarisation, steering, absorption, splitting or filtering of frequencies, to create an altered phase, focus or customised electromagnetic field outputs.

The powers that be, are finalizing the BIL (Brain Imaging Library), via radio modulation, thermal dynamics & biophotonic manipulation, or it’s synthetic biology/ genetic engineering/ combinatorial synthesis via CRSPR cas9 & DEPSYS (DNA encoded solid phase synthesis), nanotherapeutics, modified polynucleotides, cytotoxic agents (formaldehyde, ethylene oxide, SM102 …, graphene, vordyceps fungusradioactive ions, superparamagnetic elements like human embryonic kidney 2938 cells, then tesla fluorosis, nekkid DNA/protein wrapped, methylate, proteomics & transcriptomes).

They have mapped you, manipulated & have you mind-controlled in every way possible, whilst selling it to you as “regenerative medicine” or “life extension”. Optogenetics appears to be the final frontier in brain/ behaviour control- and modification.

It’s biophotonics, spectrography, optical coherence, opto-array- all via electronic warfare.

It’s biosensors that reflect back, like little mirrors or lenses- throughout your body, to be read, monitored, adjusted and controlled- through optogenetics, through light! There are even optical tweezers, to manipulate cymatics. You can be manipulated via LED lights in your home, car, at work, the street lamps, UV lights and many more. Bamacare created “death panels”, to analyse care & determine whether you are worthy to live or to die- based on a point system. It also linked to the genetic & medical data of all nations worldwide: “for your health”! AI will eventually take over these decisions, as it has mapped & connected everyone. They want you fat, dumb, lazy, drugged & obedient- for their data processing needs. If you step out of line or if you don’t play by their rules (the digital entertainment or use of social media)– you’re in danger of being selected for elimination, by AI.

Meanwhile, there are hybrids & super-soldiers, who have been augmented with meta materials & soft robotics. They can also augment themselves, by using the Rydberg atom, to access quantum databases & AI for enhancement or almost invincibility. There is no longer “free will”, when the controllers are constantly monitoring you, because if you make a decision, they do not approve of, “they” can log in & change your cell state, confine you to a grid / smart city grid, use electric fog or smart dust, to achieve the desired results, or bioelectromagnetically induce a desired outcome. The Controllers use chaos & changeable dynamics, across the entire energy spectrum (using Random Matrix Theory mathematics)- they know what you are going to do, before you do it.

They can also perturb your cells with sound, with fractals (to make you vibrate cymatically). Your Killbox expands to the next Killbox, etc… a worldwide prison and infinite choices for them- It’s a scalar function, that controls gravity & time!

No one should have their light (photons) stolen! No one should have tasers “sewn” into their bodies that can burn you from the inside out- to your skin! No one should have their digestive system, hormones, immune system, circulation, etc. compromised with cytokine storms/ inflammatory responses, to route data! No one should have their DNA manipulated for human to human husbandry! No one should have a remote control over our neurons, our behaviour & body! Finally, no one should tamper with your connection to the Goddess & the beautiful product of Her Love. Unfortunately, there is no safe way to end the fuckery without ending you.

Other terms to know: 4D printing = also known as bioprinting, active origami or shape-morphing systems… uses the same techniques as 3D printing through the computer-programmed deposition of material in successive layers, to create a three-dimensional object. However, with 4D printing, the resulting 3D shape is able to morph into different shapes, in response to environmental stimuli, with the 4th dimension being the time-dependent shape change after printing. It is therefore a kind of programmable material, where after the manufacturing process, the printed product reacts to parameters within the the environment (humidity temperature, voltage, etc.) and changes its shape accordingly. (Wikipedia)

Snowdens Phoenix Sabrina Wallace

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Terminology Crash Course

Analyte = the purest form in chemical analysis

BCU = Body Control Unit

Cymatics = vibrational phenomena using sound

DTIC = Defence Technical Information Centre

Endogenous = from within the body

Feeder Grid = Kill Box = D&D = RPG = Magic Cards

Gradient wave = the rate at which a physical quantity, such as temperature or pressure, changes in response to changes in a given variable, especially distance

Green corridor = fibre optic & other cable wired route across the USA

HDIAC = Homeland Defence & Security Information Analysis Centre is part of the DoD Information Analysis Centre (IAC)

ISTAR = Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition & Reconnaissance

JAIC = Joint Artificial Intelligence Centre

JSTAR = Joint Surveillance and Target Acquisition Radar Surveillance and Target Acquisition Radar System, Air Force & Army project

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YouTube video John Lamb Lash: The Mind Virus that Led Us Astray

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The following plasma energies are included in Never Ending Plasma Energy DNA Support: Alzheimer’s Relief, Anxiety Relief, B9 Korean Salt, Clean Mouth, Clear Mind, Detox, Dewormer (fenbendazole), Healthy Genes, Healthy Gut, Healthy Heart, Immune Support, Inflammation Relief, Ivermectin (2020+ Support), Life Force, Lung Support, New Tech Frequency Relief, Peace. This represents many hundreds of energies including those of gold, silver, CO2, ZnO, CuO2, and many, many more energies of herbs, vitamins, minerals, supplements, foods, plants, South American herbs and roots, North American herbs and roots.

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  2. You don’t have a separate vial of B9 Korean Salt, so add another 1/4th cup of the Plasma Energy Station water. Then add the frequencies, your intention and follow the rest of the instructions.

Never Ending Plasma Energy DNA Support is meant to be used with your intention to support you DNA whether you have taken experimental biologicals (some call them vaccines), a swab test, or neither but wishing to maintain the gift of your DNA you were born with.

How to set up your DNA Support:

  1. Add your vial (or pair of pads) to a clear glass or clear plastic container of distilled or filtered water. (High quality, no pollutants well water can be used also as well as mountain spring water).
  2. Once it sits overnight, separate the water into separate jars if there are multiple family members and pets—one for each individual. Set each of the separate jars up with filtered or distilled water and add a small vial (or attach a pair of pads you have made from the original container of your DNA Support). Put the name of each individual on each jar.
  3. After that has sat for 8 hours or more, place a small vial of saliva from the family member. For pets you can use some of the drinking water out of their water dish. Let this sit for another 8 hours.
  4. Write or type your intention for what you want the DNA Support to do and tape this to the outside of each container with clear packing tape. Example of intention: _____ (your name) DNA: this holds my best version of my DNA and over rides any energies or anything that would be non-beneficial to me spiritually, mentally, physically or emotionally.”
  5. After this has sat for 8 hours it is ready to drink. Drink at least one half to one cup of this water 2 to 3 times daily. You can just add some of this water to your pet’s drinking water whenever you are adding water.
  6. When your container is 2/3rds full add more distilled water and always continue to do that. You can wait about 30 minutes before drinking some of the water. If you let the jar get below half, add the distilled or filtered water and let it sit for an hour.