The Base of a Spiritual Life is Being Well Grounded


The goal of my grounding work with you, is a complete healing of your roots. After this you will be able to reconnect on a deeper level from your heart to the earth.  So why is a good, reliable grounding so important?

As the energy on our planet is raising, more and more people are becoming aware that energy is flowing through them. We are energy beings and it flows through our system, illuminating everything in it, including all programming, beliefs, patterns and blockages.

The process of evolving consciousness accelerates as a result, and this can be easy or difficult, depending on how willing you are to look at and clear your belief systems. Those who are not sufficiently grounded will not be able to handle these new energies well and will usually feel drained. All the energy then gets stuck in the head and cannot flow into the earth. It is very important to be in connection with the earth, stay or come!

What is grounding?

Grounding means that your roots become free again. They become energetically healed and thus strong to let the earthly and cosmic energies flow through you. Ancient issues will be healed and you will feel completely different. You will be able to appreciate your life more. The roots will be firmly connected to the earth core, exactly as is written in your soul plan.

However, the greatest gift after grounding yourself is the heart warming energy that now flows through you, free and subtile. This is a wonderful feeling. You become an energy membrane between earth and heaven, probably our greatest purpose on earth!!

a coming home to oneself

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Contact with the earth as a natural medicine,
a wonderful way to be healthy
Carolina Hehenkamp

The power of the earth and the earth elements has inspired me since my childhood and I was allowed to get to know many of its wonderful qualities in my life. The earth is inconceivably deeply rooted in us, we live on its surface and breathe in its energy field. Humans and earth are interdependent and influence each other, and our consciousness is partly responsible for how the earth develops. The earth, the sea and the air are primary present forces, which are vital for us. For me it was always evident and obvious that they should be our very best protectors, healers and harmonizers. Later I found out that all indigenous peoples were aware of this.

This book wants to invite you to rediscover the Earth and her healing powers in all their simplicity. To see the earth as a friend, healer and caring entity in your life. We live, walk and die on the earth and are basically so intensely interwoven with it that we form a single energy field. We perceive this unconsciously, but could also choose to be more consciously aware of it. When I think about how much we love to go to the ocean, play on the beach, splash around in the salt water, and feel super healthy and radiant after a few weeks, my heart skips a beat and I’m happy. How often do we long to lay out in nature in the grass or on sun-warmed rocks, recharge in that peace and protection of the earth so we can feel fresh and fit again? I believe often!

Dear reader, I started writing this booklet for you and your children when I experienced a sudden life change some time ago due to a serious accident. I had to consciously draw the earth energy in order to become healthy and stay healthy again. In this situation, I felt how much the power of the earth was missing and how I was hurting.

Most of my life I spent time in nature as often as possible. Above all I liked to be in nature untouched by human beings. When I lived in the city, I always had a house in the countryside or in the mountains, where I disappeared as soon as possible. I always lived with dogs and hiked a lot through the mountains and stayed for hours in lonely places to recover from the stressful city life. The earth gave me everything I needed. I also experienced how my dogs could grow very old because of it.

Before the accident I had lived in the South Pacific for many years, where the earth and the ocean are still powerful and natural. They literally spoke to me. The difference between the forced city life in a house and the accustomed country life were clearly noticeable in my state of health.

In the South Pacific there were no electrical pollution and electro-smog, because they hardly had telephone, television, Internet or industry. Nature was still exactly as it was hundreds of years ago. Its positive power was incredible. However, my life took this unexpected turn and suddenly I was living in an apartment building in the city for a year. Quite quickly, I began to feel weaker. Although I was a good sleeper, I would lie awake for hours. I felt as if my body was being cooked, I was sweating, and I was always hot, especially on my head. One day, when I happened to look around my street, I discovered a cell phone mast on the roof of my building, which must have been continuously emitting microwaves towards me. Great, I thought, just on the roof above my bedroom! In order to remain stable in my health, I had to think of something quickly.

In meeting other cultures, healers and tribes, I had learned how intensely the earth, the salt water of the oceans and the air could heal us. Living close to the beach many times in my life, we walked barefoot along the beach every day to unload and recharge. So I was used to being outside in nature for hours and walking barefoot on the earth, and knew the effect within me. I started looking for ways to be able to do that in the city somehow. It was autumn, winter was coming, and there was little nature as everything was made of concrete and asphalt, so walking around barefoot outside was not an option.

I had the idea to move my grounding technique inside the apartment. There was a grounding movement in America for several years that worked a lot with the healing effects of barefoot grounding. They had developed a collection of special mats for the bed and I bought one. The very first night I fell asleep immediately and woke up between three and six o’clock in the morning no longer sweating and boiling hot from the radiation of the cell phone tower. Slowly my health stabilized and I was soon fitter than before!

During the modernization years after the World War, we lost something very important for our health and well-being, namely the “electrical connection” with the earth. When we started wearing shoes with rubber and plastic soles, insulated mattresses and even more insulated houses, we began to spend our days and nights without skin-to-skin connection with the Earth. So the precious contact was slowly lost and our children now even play with shoes on in concrete covered playgrounds. Their feet do not touch the earth, even in the sandbox.

But all we have to do is step barefoot on the grass, sit by the water or walk along the beach for a while to distinctly feel the benefits of this connection.
The scientifically proven reason why we feel better when we are barefoot outside is: the earth is a huge storehouse of free, negatively charged electrons. This reservoir

helps our body’s cells to naturally balance the positive charge they receive from all the different electronic devices and our lifestyles. In a blood analysis you can clearly see the effect of the excess of positive charge in the blood, because the blood samples are distorted.

We live in an electromagnetic chaos, a wide spectrum of electromagnetic emissions from computers, radio, TVs, WiFi, cell phones, smart phones, Bluetooth, communication towers, power cables, domestic wiring and other electronic devices stress us more every year. They cause electrical voltages within us and these voltages disrupt the trillions of subtle electrical communications that are extremely important to the healthy functioning of the body. By connecting with the earth, we can reduce the level of disturbing electrical voltages. In our modern life this is not easy and we are challenged to consciously find creative ways. But it is worth to make time for it, because our children and grandchildren will be eternally grateful to us.

This booklet would like to be helpful to demonstrate how we can use the electromagnetic effect of the earth’s surface for our health in a simple way. Since we cannot always walk barefoot outside in our latitudes, there is the possibility in any weather and in closed rooms with conductive floor mats and bed sheets, special plasters or tapes, as I did in the period after the accident.

When we are grounding ourselves barefoot, free electrons enter easily in the body and distribute themselves, flooding the body with negatively charged free electrons and immediately discharging the electric charges we have absorbed through electro smog and other electric fields. Our body is a wonderful bio-machine, it immediately balances itself to the electrical energy potential of the earth. The natural inner electrical balance of the body is immediately restored. The body rhythms that allow our body systems to function normally are also regulated. The immune and cardiovascular systems, the respiratory system and the digestive tract benefit immediately. Thus, the earth contact has a positive effect on our health and stress condition, we are fitter and can master 21st century life. Moreover, the method is free of charge! YE!

I wish you, dear reader, lot´s of fun and success with this barefoot earthing with our wonderful planet Earth.

Carolina Hehenkamp

Book, 2016 by Carolina Hehenkamp

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