The Base of a Spiritual Life is Being Well Grounded


The goal of my grounding work with you, is the complete healing of your roots to reconnect from your heart to the earth on a deeper level.  So why is good, stable grounding so important?

As the energy on our planet is raising, more and more people are becoming aware that energy is flowing through them. We are energy beings and it flows through our system, illuminating everything in it, including all programming, beliefs, patterns and blockages. The process of evolving consciousness accelerates as a result, and this can be easy or difficult, depending on how willing you are to look at and clear your belief systems.

Those who are not sufficiently grounded will not be able to handle these new energies well and will usually feel drained. All the energy then gets stuck in the head and cannot flow into the earth. It is very important to be in connection with the earth, stay or come!

What is grounding?

Grounding yourself means that your roots become free again. They become energetically healed and thus strong to let the earthly and cosmic energies flow through. Ancient issues will be healed and you will feel completely different. You will be able to appreciate your life more. The roots will be firmly connected to the earth core, exactly as is written in your soul plan.

However, the greatest gift after the grounding yourself is the heart warming energy that now flows through you, free and subtile, this is a wonderful feeling. You become an energy membrane between earth and heaven, probably our greatest purpose on earth!!

a coming home to yourself

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