a deep process experiencing Higher Dimensions, God, Jesus and your own Self


Living on Light and Prana

Having gone through the 21-Day Light Nourishment Process myself in the winter of 1998, I will occasionally offer to facilitate groups. The process was introduced in Europe by Jasmuheen in the fall of ’97. It involves giving up all food and liquids for the first week. For one week one does not eat anything. The process, consisting of 3 x 7 days, is a wonderful, exciting journey into the depths of yourself. Ancient veils are pulled away and you meet the most important thing you have…… your self, your own soul. You experience a time in which you can quickly identify and see through the illusions in which the mind usually is swaying.

It is important for us humans to know that not only yogis, but also ourselves have the opportunity to become free from any intake of food and liquid.

For everyone, the process is a great step, a sacred initiation on the path to the light and the new age. Many feel an eons-old longing in their hearts and want to begin immediately. It is a time of trust and silence, of intuitive perception and awareness, if you allow yourself. Many changes happen in the different material and subtle bodies, also in the time after. You will become energetically expanded and there will be more light flowing into you.

It is a time of letting go of old desires, fears, belief systems, desires and ideas. During these weeks you have the chance to find the way into your heart, your center of truth and wisdom.

As you should only do this process if you are 100% committed to taking responsibility for yourself, you can do it well on your own. But it is also nice to do it at the same time, in the same house with others. Although everyone goes through this process on their own, the higher vibration energy of the group provides a protected framework of light and lightness. The support of your process becomes very individual. Silence and stillness are the most important states you need to let the void arise in you. Out of this blankness the new will be born.

Article Magazine Elraanis 1998

Well what do the kidneys have to say about it?

by Carolina Hehenkamp

Through friends in Belgium I heard in February 1997 that some people had already dared to take the plunge and live exclusively on light. I felt as if an enormous wind suction pulled me into its power and carried me away. This was the long-awaited, unconsciously desired information that I had been lacking until then. That yogis do it was clear to me, but that we can do it too! Immediately, my guidance began to provide me with more difficult assignments and tasks. Above all, I was to let go of much, if not all. “Let go of all work, give yourself two months to JUST BE, to rest internally and to integrate the high vibrations you are working with into your different energy bodies”.

After two intense months back in the daily work, surprisingly there came a phase where I was supposed to eat only what the emotional or mental body wanted at the moment and that was simple, every lunch RED pasta from the Italian around the corner and for dinner a big portion of ice cream with a small espresso to go with it. Everyone always looked funny and my refrigerator probably no longer understood anything. At the end of the summer, the food program suddenly changed. Since I had already experimented and experienced a lot with different diets, therapeutic fasting and colon cleansing, this period was simply exciting. It was a great challenge for me to follow my guidance so physically. Mentally, I had planned to go through the 21-Day Light Nourishment Process in June, but my guidance threw a wrench in the works. Suddenly, time and space was made in April for this exciting sacred process. Around me, there were several people who were worried about me, for instance, since I was 19, I had been having trouble with my kidneys on and off, and three years ago, I was on the operating table more than once with a large kidney stone coming out of the right kidney and stuck in the urinary tract. However, I myself was always quite clear that the kidneys would play along.

The first two days of the process were so easy and enjoyable that I really enjoyed the time of rest and seclusion and I read a lot. Everything was different from normal therapeutic fasting. It was as if the worldly had already begun to retreat some time before the process. After one or two days I could hardly imagine that I had ever talked on the phone or with many people during the day. In general, I could hardly imagine this communication, this daily exchange with many people. It is as if one withdraws completely into one’s own world, only the caregiver remains important.

Not drinking was no problem at all, but the desire for ice cubes increased every day; they gave me a sense of security and safety. Without them it would hardly have been possible to get through the first seven days. At times the fear of having swallowed and the fear that this would end the process from a higher level appeared. From the third day on, I often asked my kidneys what it was like for them without any liquid at all, and there would be no liquid in sight for the time being. However, they always felt fine and on the seventh day they released quite a large amount of sand or semolina like Sahara sand. This was like a gift for me and great bliss came over me. How is it possible that after seven days without liquid the kidneys give up something like that and clean themselves in such a way?

In retrospect, these seven days were the most wonderful, intense and perhaps the most beautiful in my life. All the veils between me and my divine oversoul were pulled away and I was in touch with my channel, my blueprints and different parts of my soul. Above all, I experienced very intensely the Christ energy and the death and resurrection process of Jesus.

The nights I stayed in his presence and could experience everything again very closely. During several days, I had stabbing pains in my right hip joint, energetically it was haunted by red fire. My right buttocks and thighs were cramped and stiff from the pain and lying was uncomfortable. Loving treatments from my companion Maria worked wonders. The release process takes place during this time down to the bone system. The bones carry our patterns and information on the deepest level and I can still feel that something is changing here.

Even though the right kidney was right in this painful area, it said nothing and I think it was even really happy to get some rest for once. Every hour I felt completely transformed, sometimes I looked completely different. The most healing and beautiful part for me were the extended states of awareness and perceptiveness, e.g. the feeling of being able to smell everything, even what perfume the neighbors two houses away were wearing. Nature smelled so wonderful and all the trees and plants, flowers and animals talked to me. It was a real coming home to the world of oneness.

Everything took on a new depth, and the feeling of oneness with all beings weaved through my days and nights. Three months later, the process is still going on, in resonance with my inner source and with my spiritual guides, I am shaping every single moment of my life. I know that the light feeds me and I find my inner balance and harmony in every outer challenge.

Munich, June 21, 1998