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High Frequency Therapy at Home!

The Powertube is easy to use and suitable for everyone. No PC, Laptop or Cellphone are needed!

As a Life Companion it works everywhere! At home, on your travels, in the hospital. So the Powertube is ideal for self-treatment from the comfort of your own home. You are no longer tied to appointments or places, as it works on batteries. The device is a breakthrough development that broke new ground in TENS technology 17 years ago. The Swiss inventor and graduate electrical engineer Martin Frischknecht has achieved outstanding therapeutic success with his technology. Tuned frequencies can change the milieu in the body and harmonize the molecules. Viruses, parasites, bacteria lose their breeding ground and disappear. Balance and harmony return.

My Review:  I got to know Martin and his Quick-Zap in 2006 and bought one immediately. I was enthusiastic! After several seminars in Switzerland and Germany I was even more enthusiastic. Having lived for years on South Pacific islands where medical care was minimal, I was able to help myself, friends and fellow travelers to heal fast with my Powertube Device. It has been one of my favorite frequency devices ever since! Always reliable for great results.