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I offer you a individual 15 Day Booster

.. to be able to experience “how you feel” in a higher vibration! A daily Scalar-Light Remote Healing, using Frequency-Tools and… a daily 16 minutes Soul-Sync Meditation, that combines breath yoga, inner work and connecting to the infinite source help. This will boost vibration and keep it stable. You will experience how this easy method elevates your mood, your health and your overall well-being. Your Life, your relationship and your work get much easier!

What will the Boosterdo for you?

This Booster has it all! You will experience how only 20 minutes a day will raise your vibration tremendously. When you continue on your own after these 15 days you will be able to keep your overall well-being in top form. I can already tell you that you will love your mood, your vibrant life force and positivity!! It is a  detoxing process in the same time, so high light transmissions will be able to reach you in the future!