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Control Your Breathing . Control Your Stress . Control Your Vibration

You often feel stressed and tired? Your battery is empty?

You feel you could be more vibrant, positive, like more enjoying life and fun exercising?

We guide you in a Energy-Booster program designed especially for you you! With daily Zoom Sessions! Individually designed for you.

You will experience “how raising into a higher vibration changes your mood, your life force and… your overall health”

With daily Scalar-Light Remote Transmissions, directed use of Frequency-Tools… plus learning to focus on daily 16 minutes Soul-Sync Meditations, which perfectly as in ancient times, combine breath yoga, inner work and a connection to the infinite source.

Combined it will be a powerful spring Boost for your health and fitness condition. After these 15 days it will be easy for you to keep it stable. You will be experiencing, how this proofed method elevates your mood and overall well-being. Your Life, your relationship(s) and your work get much easier!

What will the Booster-Program do for You?

This Booster Program has it all! Only 20 minutes a day will raise your vibration tremendously. You learn to de-clutter your life is and… more importantly… how to begin. People who did the Booster-Program tell how much fitter, active, happier they felt and how they could better handle problems. They were less emotional and overall healthier.

You will love your new found mood, your vibrant life force and all the positive you will start attracting in resonance!! It is a real amazing detoxing process.