High Frequency Tools for Daily Support

Powertube Supports our Selfhealing Process

It provides an effective pain therapy. This original Swiss medical product is already used long-term by numerous doctors, dentists and alternative practitioners and… worldwide they confirm this effective pain therapy. With the Powertube they are successful.

The Powertubes are easy to use and suitable for everyone. They are ideal for self treatment from the comfort of your own home. You are no longer tied to appointments, apps, smartphone or having to go to other places. AND… they provide high frequency therapy with absolutely no side effects!

The device is a breakthrough development that broke new ground in TENS technology 17 years ago. The Swiss inventor and graduate electrical engineer Martin Frischknecht has achieved outstanding therapeutic success with his technology.

Tuned frequencies can change the milieu in the body and harmonize the molecules. Viruses, parasites, bacteria lose their breeding ground and disappear. Balance and harmony return. The Powertube TENS therapy devices are used worldwide with great success and the demand is enormous. The demand for alternative healing and treatment methods is also growing strongly. And this is where Powertube comes into play. See further info on the website!

3 easy tips to raise your frequency with Powertube


Another  practical Biofield-Feedback healing & balancing tool, which works with an app and smartphone though, is the Healy.

The Healy has many programs, works with an app on your phone or laptop and can be seen as a bio-feedback frequency device.

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