Yes! On my world trip I was happy to survive


As I traveled for years through the South Pacific and South America, there were many situations that were threatening.

No proper hospitals, no quick medical care in sight!

Yes! During my world trip I was happy to survive

What you often don’t realize is that there is not always help! You have to know how to help and heal yourself first. In such moments one feels lost, uncertain….

What can I do, where should I go?

After the first leg of my 8-year world tour (I had needed to return to Europe for workshops, they were counting on me!), I got myself the best frequency device I could find.

Then off I went again!

It took me years to finish enjoying the tropical Pacific islands, the culture and the islanders to the fullest…. All the time with my perfect frequency healing device in my pocket!

This high frequency device has been like a godsend all these years. Not only for me!

Friends, but also participants of my travel groups got sick, got infections, diarrhea or headaches.

Many bacteria, parasites and viruses in other parts of the world are unknown to us and make us sick. But my miraculous wand helped.

Once a friend from Easter Island had a bad tooth infection, so bad that I cried with her. Pus was running out of her mouth. I had her do 21-minute treatments every hour, and after half a day she was up and running again. A few shorter sessions in the evening and all was well.

As far as I’m concerned, this device is the “best of the best”. And extremely….. practical!

Wondering why?

Because I love it…the frequencies are pure and…. I don’t need any apps, wifi, smartphone or laptops to run the programs!

This high frequency Powertube device runs on battery power, is super powerful and independent of the electrical grids. This is pure freedom!

Perfect for self-healing at home or while traveling.

My device is 14 plus years old, works flawlessly and has done more for people around the world than you can imagine.

It’s just better to heal yourself than die from infections or wounds…. There is so much fear of new viruses and “flu’s”, including 5G and EMP radiation. We are really challenged to take good care of our immune system. Doing so will help us with the next waves of disease.

Do you want to survive and heal yourself too?

PS. Instant self-healing is much better than not knowing what to do. Health and freedom are becoming more important every year.

That’s why I started sharing the Powertube Gold and/or Silver devices with my participants, clients and friends.

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