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Welcome To Connecting Frequencies & Control Your Health

It is Time for the Real Stuff! After 30 years of teaching, mentoring, counseling and coaching I feel it is time people open up for the real stuff! No more excuses, no more hiding, no more good-talking and no more lies!  We drastically need energy tools and deep going solutions that are effective and help us regain full health, mental health ans overall wellbeing.

So what did spirit show me? It showed me the importance of:

  1. understand how the world is functioning (as it is a collective mirror of humanity)
  2. be your own doctor, only you knows how you feel.
  3. Meditation is here to bring you back into balance, stillness, centered.
  4. find like minded people around you, no nonsense people who still can think for themselves.
  5. connect more with the soil, the earth, go bare feet to de-charge from electrosmog.
  6. teach yourself to be in a positive mindset

Let´s join and offer solutions as so many are sick, ill, broken after these last years

What is a Bio-field or an Aura? What does it do?

Your Aura is a part of your energy system, of you. It is a body part! As a spiritual being, you are much bigger than your physical body and emotional body.  Your spiritual self doesn’t fit into human form and for good reasons. Your Aura is the part of your energetic self that surrounds your body, giving off vibrations and colors reflecting your history, emotions, your thoughts and wellness.

The term Bio-field can be used interchangeably with Aura. The term bio-field is more commonly used in scientific, bio-field healing since there is now bio-ield scientific evidence of the human aura.

Your Aura is the part of your energetic self that surrounds your body, giving off vibrations and colors reflecting your history, emotions, and wellness. In our days is it used for multiple reasons with sensors, impulses, energies, as it is electric and working as a wireless “body”.

What Does Your Aura Do?

Your Aura picks up vibrations and information emanating from all things to signal you to your surroundings. For example, ever walked into a place and got a negative vibe about someone in it? That’s your bio-field picking up information and transmuting it, so your senses become activated and aware of it.

We are aware of these gut feelings or intuitive messages, when we are in energetic flow and know how to protect our bio-field. In this case we pay attention to what we are sensing and we act accordingly.

Acknowledging the aura is real, part of our body, essential, even more today is mega important, because it is one of the places most people know only little about and it is a major player in our new wireless world. (health medicine, new 15min cities, internet, iOT…..

We pick up fragments of energy in our aura that are radiated by other people, places or situations. We are continuously in interactive communication with others as our bio-fields are electric in nature and sending and receiving. Think about Bio-Feedback therapy, Reiki, Energy Healings etc. But also about all the new gadgets as glasses, wristbands, chips, watches that “work” with your energyfields.

What is Soul Synchronisation?

Being aligned in your Soul, Heart and Spirit offers great balance, strength and wellbeing. This ancient 15 minutes Meditation helps you manifest your Heartfelt Intentions.

Practicing the Soul Sync is entering a sacred space. In this expansive state of consciousness, intentions become actualities. Heartfelt desires are fulfilled. Life converges into synchronicities manifesting an abundance of love, wealth, creativity and well-being of every kind. In the 15 Day Free Trail the Soulsync will be done each day for a special intent, theme, shadow and/or purpose or dream.

We are often stuck in crossroads or feel like been plagued by making the same choices or meeting the same “type” of people repeatedly… you can change this! In connection with your soul all is possible and your clarity and power increases!

YES you can!

AWAKEN is seeing Reality as it really is

We will walk through darkness, as it is the only way to light. Most people avoid to speak, learn about how it all works in our life and world. This is a big mistake and many who have been meditating or visiting retreats and workshops for 20 years are still fighting with emotional, mental, money, depression etc. problems and all kind of blockages, while avoiding the shadows!

The darker powers on our earth are so well organized and gigantic (we turned our cheek!) that we must start learning the works of this “opponent” like they do in martial arts. Once you understand what they believe in, how they communicate through symbols, signs, (up to 40 levels deep) how they reverse upsidedown in wording, images and lies, you will become much stronger aligned in yourself.

So many uncertainties, you never had an answer for, will fall away. You learn to embrace ALL. The world needs people like that to rebuild a New Earth.

Never forget: You are made in the image of God, you have indifinitive potentials and gifts.

Scalar Energy – Null-Point-Energy  – remote Healing

Scalar energy. The energy of the absolute nothingness which existed before the world began. 

The sun and stars of the universe emit scalar energy. When outdoors, under the sun or stars, we are constantly receiving low amounts of scalar energy. Scalar energy carries “information” in the form of LIGHTWAVE energy that subsequently instructs all physical matter in the universe to assume a specific “geometry.” The subject is a fascinating one. For instance, scalar energy provides the intelligence for elements to “bind or unbind” and is the actual cause of gravity!

Think about the sun

it communicates with a plant using light energy as well. The sun uses LIGHT to instruct a plant to begin making its own food. You would know this process as Photosynthesis. Think also of Tesla and his discoveries!

During the 15 day free trial and the 4 weeks online process you are invited to receive daily sessions of scalar light to feel a new you will begin emerging. You will notice the effects that the “Energy Balancing” is having on the energy centers running throughout your body. Your spiritual and energetic imprint will be changing. These sessions support the work we do and are included in the 15 Day Free Trial and the 4 Week Online Process!

Scalar Light provides much more than just the clearing of health robbing substances that can lead to unclear thinking. Each day you receive sessions for a Scalar Light chakra/meridian balancing. This daily broadcast is serving to correct or adjust the seven (7) major chakras of your body. Negative emotions block these energy centers. Your meridian system is similar to a fiber optic superhighway and is responsible for nerve signaling around and through your body. You may notice a serene sense of calm and well being during your program.

You may also notice a greater desire to connect with others!

The chakras transmit Scalar Light instructions throughout the soul, mind, emotions, and physical body. Scalar Light is an intelligent energy that assists with spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health. Scalar energy is the Life Force of the universe. This fundamental force in nature initiates all spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical activity. There are characteristics of the chakra balancing that have direct influence over thought processes.

Receiving the remote healing Scalar Light sessions, you may be experiencing more control over impulses, better reasoning, and more alignment with the divine within. You may find you don’t need anything outside of yourself to enhance good feelings. Take this newfound control and motivation and create your best life ever!

Nutrients that come with the Zero-Poinnt-Scalar Light Sessions

A scalar light instrument is similar in function to a satellite, that is, a scalar light instrument can locate and broadcast scalar energy to a person or object by way of a photograph; whereas a satellite can locate and broadcast a radio signal to a cell phone tower, radio, TV etc.
A photograph of a person or an object serves as a point of reference or identification for a scalar light instrument to broadcast scalar energy to that actual person or object. The pic establishes an instantanious connection by way of the omnipresent scalar energy hologram. Simply stated, a pic of a person or object is incorporated into, and part of, the infinite scalar energy hologram.

Scalar energy is the carrier wave of all intelligence and information in the universe. So it is responsable for all spiritual, mental, emotional and physical activity in the universe.


Understanding our world how it really works, who is at the wheel, who dictates, who hides but is directing gives you much more clarity about concepts you have in life. All get´s clearer! The Truth makes You Stronger!

Sharry Edwards & The Institute of BioAcoustic Biology and Sound Health

All the Bio-Acoustic & Sound-Health Work is coming from Sharry Edwards. She is THE recognized pioneer of Vocal Profiling, which determines the wellness status of a person by using the voice to determine a distinct Math Matrix for each individual. This is high powered “Frequency-Medicine” for the 21th century of humanity.

The Institute of BioAcoustic Biology and Sound Health developed BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling software that utilizes the frequencies of the voice to create a matrix of Biometric information, from fundamental DNA, to the hidden intentions of those who claim to speak for us. Known as BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling, the idea of analyzing the frequencies and the modulation of a human voice to determine emotional, biochemical and structural status of a person can be used for multiple goals.

Voice Profiling

In the 12 weeks Process we work with your voice, your vocals, analyzing them to learn moreabout you, your health, your emotional and mental state etc.

This is only for you, when you feel “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”.

You feel in your heart the last 3 years were confusing by information and disinformation and you wish to go forward, create our new earth, you wish to help others heal and….. you are ready to lift your vibration up? This Webinar is for you.

I support people to understand our chaotic world, still managed by dark forces and how you can stabilize yourself emotionally, mentally and physicly, to be able to  embrace all there is: light, dark, duality and love, empathy, compassion and oneness!

These advanced beings will be needed  to re-build our world, heal the sick and damaged, to exit the matrix and all old systems.


The Root Cause Of Your Unwellness

Treating Symptoms was the choice of past health systems and treatments. But to stay healthy and fit we need preventive treatments and energy shielding to protect ourselves. (think the new wireless phone, Wifi, TV and other smart products. 

Frequencies, Acoustic Sounds, Lightwaves, Scalar Light, Electricity, Magnetics with Plasma Water & Clean Foods are the “Tools” of the Future.

We have arrived in this future. Many are in poor health due to the toxic injections, the nose tests, the separation of family and friends and the daily changing information. Toxins found their way in our brain, the hypocampus and Alzheimer and Dementia are on the roof worldwide. 

We are forced to re-think everything and use the magnificent more natural tools for our well-being and health. There is a learning curve though as frequencies can be used to uplift and heal us, but also used to hurt us and even do worse (think biosensor hacking, thought-control). Moving forward we are forced to learn more about our Aura, also called the Bio-Field, about the body area network that is used by AI and all kind of industrial companies, the fact that we are wireless beings, that receive and radiate energy (DNA is an antennae),  we must relearn how energy works and what is the medical society is doing with us.


Your Soul holds all the Secrets of All Times

Souls With The Same Experiences, Path´s, Potentials, Past-Life´s Are Often Coming Together As Soul-Families

Your Aura holds all the Secrets hidden in your Colors and it a wonderful wireless electrical body part

People With Similar Auras Have Similar Potentials, Gifts As Well As Problems And Illnesses

Frequency, Bio-Sound and Natural Remedies are

the Secret Base of Connecting Frequencies

Contact with the earth as natural medicine
a wonderful way to be healthy
Book by Carolina Hehenkamp, 2016

(some chapter are online in German, use the translate button!)

Chapter 1

Why Barefoot Earthing Can Heal Us
I would like to start Chapter One by describing the benefits of barefoot earthing. I like it myself when books tell me right away what it is all about. Barefoot walking can mean many things, and we may overlook how important this information could be to you and your family.
Barefoot earthing helps us in the very first instance to neutralize the electrical charge in the body, which has an immediate effect on the immune system. People who have been consciously barefoot earthing for a long time say that they sleep better, are fitter during the day and can work longer on the computer without feeling dull and tired. They feel they are less susceptible to flu and colds, age more slowly and…..their aches and pains disappear.

more…… follow this Link to Preface

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