we are so much more than we think

Sometimes you instantly know… this is for me!

It is Time for the Real Stuff!

After 30 years of teaching, mentoring, counseling and coaching I feel it is time for the real stuff! No more excuses, no more hiding, no more good-talking and no more lies! We drasticly need energy tools and deepgoing steps that effectivily help us jump over most lies & obstacles to embrace “True” Reality, as it is! No nonsense!

So what path did the divine show me??

It took several years to understand how important it is to dive simultaniously into the Darkness and the Highest pure Love-Light.

We will never understand ourselves, our world or what is really going since 2020-2021 without knowing our past, the programs of the dark powers on one side and….. the immense powers we have as whole HUMAN Beings!

hi dear soulmate!

I am working on the 4 Weeks Online Process and it will start March 2022. This Online Webinar is for YOU when you have reached the point of:

“I want to understand it all
I want to keep my high vibration up, no matter how difficult the day
I want to help others understand our chaotic world”

It is for you if you wish to become stable in their vibration, embracing all there is, dark and light”. THESE are the ones we are going to need to build our new world, away from the matrix, the old systems and the confusion.