each tuesday at 8 pm

we create a new community together with alike people

that want to move forward in a peaceful future

  • Grow your own food in grow towers on your house, in your garten, on your balcony or terras. Technics like Aquaponics, Hydraponics, Kratsky and more
  • Heart resonnance transmits 3 feet and more – learn to work with it
  • There is only one timeline after 2012 and many are in fear…
  • Building earth houses, domes, huts for your new future – using the earth around you + projects DIY
  • Indiginous wisdom, learning from the ancient tribes like Hopi, Maori, Rapa Nui, Maya
  • The power of meditation, learn short powerful ones that connect you with your soullight
  • Mindfullness, a gift in daily life
  • Symbols and upside down words are the language of the elite – learn to recognize them
  • Stop following the false light – it only brings short happiness&power
  • How do good communities work? Why do they fail so often?
  • Money and currencies. What is going on and which part are you of it?
  • and many more along the timeline!

each week we offer a concept of how you can start your new earth life, leave the old behind and how you find new solutions for you and your family