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Dr. Robert Otto Becker – Bone BioElectricity – Growing Limbs


Robert Otto Becker (May 31, 1923–May 14, 2008) was a U.S. orthopedic surgeon who is best known for his research in biocybernetics. He spent his entire career at the Veterans Administration Hospital, Syracuse, New York, where he served as chief of orthopedic surgery, chief of research, and head of a research laboratory devoted to studying

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Do You Realize What They Are Doing? Just a little about the wireless body area network. So much is now well researched and you can find valuable info at nonvaxer420 - Sabrina W. - Hopegirlblog - My Websites offer much Info too: & Wireless Engineering and Technology

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LITHIUM essential trace mineral


Lithium, the Essential Trace Element The key element against brain fog, long-COVID/post-vac syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, Alzheimer's - and even indoctrination? by PD Dr. Michael Nehls, November 2023 Table of contents 1 Lithium, essential for the mental and physical immune system 2. lithium is already effective in microdoses 3. microdosed lithium: the key element

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