Lithium, the Essential Trace Element

The key element against brain fog, long-COVID/post-vac syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, Alzheimer’s – and even indoctrination?
by PD Dr. Michael Nehls, November 2023

Table of contents

1 Lithium, essential for the mental and physical immune system
2. lithium is already effective in microdoses

3. microdosed lithium:
the key element against post-spike syndrome (long-COVID and post-vac), chronic fatigue, depression and Alzheimer’s disease?
4 Other vital effects of lithium
5. inadequate lithium intake in the general population

6 Lithium orotate,
the better lithium?
7. correct dosage of lithium orotate
7.1 Bipolar disorder
7.2 COVID-19
7.3 Spikeopathy (long-COVID and post-vac)
7.4 Essential requirements
8 Sources of lithium orotate


Lithium Orotate

The ability to live a healthy and long life requires that both our mental and physical immune systems function optimally. These systems do not exist independently of each other. They have the same needs (appropriate lifestyle, micronutrients, etc.) and influence each other. The mental immune system consists of our experiential knowledge, our natural curiosity and our social and planning skills, i.e. the basic functions of our autobiographical memory center (hippocampus).

The lifelong production of new brain cells in the hippocampus (adult hippocampal neurogenesis) is essential for maintaining its function and thus our mental immune defense.

For the function of the body’s immune system, on the other hand, a balanced immune response to pathogens or injuries is of crucial importance. If necessary, this includes both the initial activation of pro-inflammatory messenger substances and the equally efficient deactivation and activation of anti-inflammatory messenger substances at the appropriate time, which in turn serve to repair affected cells and thus restore a regulated balance (homeostasis).

The acute release of pro-inflammatory messenger substances paralyzes the adult hippocampal neurogenesis of those affected. This serves the healing process, but becomes problematic if this release becomes chronic and the mental immune defense is damaged as a result. And thus begins a vicious circle that is difficult to break: the long-term impaired function of the hippocampus leads to reduced mental resilience, triggers an excessive and chronic stress reaction, which in turn overactivates the body’s own immune system and leads to an excessive and, above all, permanent release of inflammation-promoting messenger substances.

Microdosed lithium can reduce the risk of falling into this life-threatening vicious circle in the first place. A slightly higher dosage even brings with it the justified hope of being able to break an already existing vicious circle of this kind.

The crux of the matter: although there is plenty of scientific evidence that lithium not only has the known therapeutic benefits, but is also an essential trace element, it is not yet recognized as such and may therefore not be sold as a food supplement in the EU, for example. It has been used in the treatment of bipolar disorders for a long time and in much higher doses than those discussed here (and therefore with side effects).

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Lithium, essential for the mental and physical immune system
There are numerous arguments that lithium is an essential trace element, even if this has not yet been recognized. A deficiency not only leads to malfunctioning of the mental immune system, but also of the physical immune system. In my book Alzheimer’s is curable, published in 2015, I already pointed out the intolerable situation for the preservation of our health that lithium is not officially recognized as an essential trace element.

I also elaborated on and reaffirmed the importance of microdosed lithium for mental health in the scientific article Unified theory of Alzheimer’s disease (UTAD): implications for prevention and curative therapy published in July 2016[1].

Lithium fulfills a variety of functions in the body, some of which I would like to explain in more detail here. It not only helps to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s dementia or depression. Even a very small increase in lithium intake has a life-prolonging effect and can even save lives by reducing the suicide rate, as we have known for several years from Japanese studies and now also from many other studies.[2] With around 730,000 off

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