Graphene-Based Biosensor Technology Dr. Young


Advances in Graphene-Based Biosensor Technology With Applications in Life Sciences The following review on advances in graphene-based biosensor technology for use in humans and animals was published in the Journal of Nanobiotechnology, January 22nd, 2018! (you can read his complete article from February 22 at his website with following link: dr.robertyoung.com )    

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Lately we hear more about various healing patches that use different healing techniques like Lifewave Patches and Super Patches. Both have statements from many clients that they work, fast, without side affects and help many to be pain free, without brain fog or making new stem cells. I will post information about these two


THE BRAIN HAS NO FIREWALL – 4Hz holding us back with no vitality


Ana Mihalcea and Dave Hodges - a conversation about Nanotechnology and Mind Control now seen in most humans. Listen to the Audio: https://mediaarchives.gsradio.net/commonsenseshow/hr1092523.mp3 We all know we thrive, when we are in harmony with the earth frequency of 7,83Hz, called the pure tone Schumann Resonance. But experimenting worldwide with other frequencies, like the

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NANO TECHNOLOGY – Tony Pantalleresco is teaching us since decades


When we learned about making our won tools to keep us healthy and detox from all the metals, nano-stuff and poisons like 15 years ago, many of us produced his different tools. I mainly made the tools with magnets and kept away from the electrical wires etc. But times have changed and we have

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Bioenergy Demonstration by Dr. Valerie Hunt


In den 90-er Jahren, als ich in der Lichtkörper-Lehrer-Ausbildung in Ashland, Oregon, war, kannte ich Valeria und ihre wunderbare Arbeit und Bücher. Ich benutze immer noch verschiedene " Instrumente" von ihr. Hier ist ein älteres Video, in dem sie das aurische Biofeld zeigt, beweist und erklärt, mit dem jeder Mensch geboren wird. https://awaken.com/2012/11/valerie-hunt/

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Dr Jerry Tennant recently appeared on Dr Dennis Courtney's AM Impact on Health Internet Program to discuss Healing is Voltage. Learn how Dr. Tennant's teachings and technology may be able to help with your healthcare issues. You can see following Video in Vimeo: VIDEO LINK - https://vimeo.com/104986907 his website: https://tennantinstitute.com/

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The Powertube – hated by Bacteria and Viruses


The Powertube - hated by Bacteria, Viruses and Parasites Indigenous Tribes Are Weaving Perfect Healthy Cell Structures Travelling a lot in central, South and North america I discovered how many tribes and peoples of different ethnics weave patterns of perfect healthy cells and of harmonious energy flows in their fabrics. They also copy the star

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