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Who Are The Q´ero Masters Of The Living Light?


The Q'ero Masters of the Living Light The Q'ero paq'os in Peru are the inheritors of a timeless mission: to teach a new relationship with the energies of the universe. The Q'ero Indians, known as the "guardians of ancient knowledge", are the most respected mystics of the South Central Andes. The Q'ero are

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Graphene-Based Nanomaterials Human Health Dr. Young


Are they safe and effective or do we need more research? Abstract Dr. Young Newsletter from February 2024 Graphene-based materials (GBMs) possess remarkable physiochemical properties, making them promising for diverse applications in biomedicine, agriculture, food, and industrial applications. Human and environmental exposure to GBMs is increasing at an unprecedented rate, yet there is

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Graphene-Based Biosensor Technology Dr. Young


Advances in Graphene-Based Biosensor Technology With Applications in Life Sciences The following review on advances in graphene-based biosensor technology for use in humans and animals was published in the Journal of Nanobiotechnology, January 22nd, 2018! (you can read his complete article from February 22 at his website with following link: )    

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pdf: Eternal Curriculum for Wisdom Children, book by Douglas Gabriel about intuitive learning and the etheric body. The importance of child Development and Age-Appropriate Education & Waldorf schooling

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