NZ Doctors Conference, mass testing for body tech and results thereof.
From Humanity United Now – Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD Newsletter – September 24, 2023

This is important confirmation of what I have said all along, shedding has happened and EVERYONE REGARDLESS OF C19 INJECTION STATUS HAS THIS IN THEIR BLOOD. Dr Nixon and Matt did an amazingly important analysis at this large medical gathering in New Zealand.
NZ Conference, mass testing for body tech and results thereof.

Confirmed, nearly all have it now regardless of poking status.

by Matt. j.a.o.b – Matt´s Microscopy on Substack

The NZ Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) conference was held with approximately 800 attendees. It was labeled as the Truth, Justice and Healing Conference.

We set up 3 microscopes. Dr Nixon and myself with darkfield plus one skin inspection scope. As the numbers were a bit overwhelming at times we switched between doing skin and blood on the big scopes. The first day was a marathon of about 12 hours.

Structure being formed. I am seeing a lot of new forms appearing. To see the pictures taken during the conference go to: https://woodnstone820.substack.com/p/nz-conference-mass-testing-for-body

The most important work of the weekend was carried out by a pressed ganged volunteer who worked tirelessly taking skin samples from the calf muscles of the masses and searching them for the blue fibres. Below is an example and shows 2 of them amongst normal skin cells. From 200 odd people there were only a handful where they were not found. As we were mass screening we only used a maximum of 60 x mag for that test and I have no doubt that if we had gone to 200x we would also have found a few babies on / in them too.The main message from the weekend is that we are all in the same boat regardless of poison shot status. Yes the vakxd have a head start but I believe we will all catch up over time.Its time to stop the division that these entities want to drive between us as people and start living as we used to. That includes all the normal human relations that give us descendants too. That’s a direct unqualified medical opinion, but I stand by it.. .. I probably gave and received more hugs that weekend than in the previous 3 years and there was no stupid question of status. Purebloods? Pah!There is hope when you see the character of your nation come out. Yes there were a few shocked that they had it while thinking all possible actions had been done to avoid it, but that was a small minority. I didn’t see fear. I saw courage in the face of adversity.The Men were Men and the Women were Women, just as it really is. A special shout out to the Colin Meads / Sir Edmund Hillary type Man from my old King Country hunting ground – Its great to know you are still out there and gives me confidence for our future in this struggle.

The Kiwis will not go quietly or easily….

Kia Kaha….Utu…


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