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Having worked with Dr. Robert Young´s products since the 2000´s and having learned sooo much from his knowledge, his wisdom, his approach to health, I am happy to see this mega important document,that explains a lot what is happening now, specifically the last 4 years but also the last decades. Please download and upload it somewhere safe so you can start doing your own research.

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Humanity United Now – Robert O. Young CPC, MSc, DSc, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner cross-posted a post from OUTRAGED’s Newsletter


Biotechnology Being Used to Achieve 13 out of 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals

by 2030


Oct 21 · Humanity United Now


This is one of the most important whistleblowing research articles on biotechnology and biohacking and needs to be read, studied and shared with everyone YOU love and CARE about!


Outraged Human has given us a systematic revelation of how nanotechnology is a MAJOR part of the 2030 Agenda!


The Science Was Presented in 2007!


Green Nanotechnology Innovations to Realize UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030


It is argued that nanotechnology is considered a technology of the 21st century can be used to realize thirteen out of seventeen Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. These thirteen SDGs include: Reduce Poverty, Reduce Hunger, Health & Well-Being, Clean Water & Sanitation, Affordable renewable energy, Sustainable Industrialization, Ensure Sustainable Production & Consumption, Combat on Climate Change, Conserve Ocean & Marine Resources, and Protect life on Land.




Nanotechnology anticipated as a universal technology has capabilities to solve problems of society at the basic level, comfortable level, and dreamy desirable levels.


Nanotechnology, if not managed strategically and carefully has dangers to human health due to its potential risks of predicted nanotoxicity.


In this paper, we have analyzed these potentials challenges of nanotechnology, its strategic management, and developed a model of how green and eco-friendly nanotechnology can be used in many industries to realize these thirteen sustainable development goals and eliminates the threat of the technification of development processes.


Anticipated Immortality


“Lo, this only have I found, that God hath made man upright; but they have sought out many inventions.”

Ecclesiastes 7:29




Nanotechnology (NT) along with Information Communication and Computation technologies (ICCT) can be used as potential technologies to realize the Sustainable Development Goals. If United Nations promotes nanotechnology research by creating awareness among youths and funding the research in the areas related to SDG adequately, the objectives of the goals can be achieved within the timeframe of 2030.


The branches of NT including Nanomaterials Design Technology, Nanomaterial fabrication, Nanomaterials characterization, Nanomechanics technology, Nanoelectronics Technology, Nanophotonics Technology, Nanobiotechnology, and Nanomedicine, are expected to change the rules of development games [36] in many areas including Agriculture & food industry, Drinking water systems [37], Efficient Automobiles [38], Renewable energy systems [39-41], High speed optical computers, Low cost durable shelters, Embedded intelligence, Space vehicles, Health & Medical solutions [42-43], etc in all member countries by 2030. This will allow human beings to become ubiquitous and provides total automated products and services for individuals and hence acts as a pillar of social, technological, and economical transformation [32].


8.2 Postulates through Predictive Analysis:


(1) Green nanotechnology innovations support to minimize poverty by solving basic need-based problems of citizens of the countries.


(2) Green nanotechnology innovations support to minimize Hunger & thirst by improving the productivity of food grains either naturally or artificially to everyone.


(3) Green nanotechnology supports to provide quality Health & Well-Beings to everyone in the entire world by means of finding simple & effective drugs for every disease.


(4) Green nanotechnology supports to provide clean drinking water to everyone including plants for long-living through desalination of seawater using renewable energy and moving the clouds to desired locations.


(5) Green nanotechnology supports everyone by providing efficient production and storage techniques for solar and winds energy as renewable energy.


(6) Green nanotechnology supports the countries to maximize employment by offering research and development of various new and innovative products and services in basic need, advanced wants, and dreamy desire areas thereby creating enhanced job opportunities.


(7) Green nanotechnology supports sustainable industrialization in primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary industry sectors in every country for sustainable economic growth.


(8) Green nanotechnology supports economic development in every country which minimizes the inequalities among the countries.


(9) Green nanotechnology supports to develop environmentally sustainable, clean, and safe cities by minimizing water, air, and other environmental pollutions.


(10) Green nanotechnology supports to ensures sustainable production by promoting the use of renewable energy and smart materials so that the durability of the products and services are the longest.


(11) Green nanotechnology supports to minimize environmental degradation and to combat on climate change of the world.


(12) Green nanotechnology supports to conserve ocean and marine resources by controlling the pollution and toxicity in the ocean through solar light and temperature-controlled reactions using suitable nanomaterials.


(13) Green nanotechnology supports to protect life on land through minimizing environmental degradation and large-scale sustainable cleaning of already degraded air, and water. It will also control green gas emission and production of toxic materials thereby protecting all life on earth.




Nanotechnology being general-purpose universal technology has the potential ability to use as a tool to solve problems and challenges of different levels in society. But it is feared that nanotechnology, if not handled properly with precautions may have potential disadvantages in terms of risks to the health of living beings, environment, social life, and economy of the countries. Green nanotechnology is a concept and practice where all possible environmental threats are taken care of.


It is argued through predictive analysis that green nanotechnology is safe and secured for the environment and suitable & effective technology and has the ability to help to realize thirteen out of seventeen sustainable development (SD) goals of the United Nations within the planned timeframe of 2030.

Rice University Research on Teslaphoresis or Self-Assembly of Graphene NanoTechnology Validating the Research, Work and Findings of Dr. Robert O. Young

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Live Observation of Graphene Oxide Quantum Dots Being Adsorbed and Then Absorbed into a Nano Fiber Mesh


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The Use of Nanobot Technology (NT) & Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a

Vaccine Carrier and Adjuvant


Programmable magnetic nanobots injected into the vascular and interstitial fluids of a human or animal body are found to be deposited into the connective and fatty tissues and then into the organs and glands potentially causing biological transformation of the cell membrane (crowning and protein spiking), genetic mutation, and the death of the cell.[1][2]

Programmable magnetic nanobots injected into the vascular and interstitial fluids of a human or animal body are found to be deposited into the connective and fatty tissues and then into the organs and glands potentially causing biological transformation of the cell membrane (crowning and protein spiking), genetic mutation, and the death of the cell.[1][2]

Biofield is a DNA generated body part—Sabrina Wallace
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