POWERTUBE – The Secret Of Frequency And Resonance In Pathogens

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Everything we see, hear and experience are vibrations of certain frequencies. Ultimately, every body, every matter, indeed the entire universe consists of vibrations or compressed energy.

Physicists explain that on atomic level the borders blur: Oscillation and matter, wave and particle are identical. All life, from the infinitely large macrocosm to the infinitely small microcosm, vibrates.


In the beginning was the word, a tone, the primal sound. Each tone consists of three characteristics: of oscillation, its pulsation / frequency and information.


The rise and fall of a vibration/wave makes it vibrate or pulsate. The frequency with which this happens in a second is expressed as frequency (in Hertz) and determines the pitch of a tone.

Resonance is the frequency at which an object naturally vibrates. Everything has its resonant frequency, whether we can hear it or not. The vibration of a substance can only have an effect if its vibration can cause another substance to resonate with it. But a resonance can actually only occur if the natural frequency is approximately identical to the frequency of the substance to be vibrated.


However, not only cells emit oscillations; bacteria, viruses and other pathogens also do so. The defense cell can then recognize from the different types of oscillations or rays whether it is a useful or harmful element for the body. Bacteria do not only have a material effect on the body, but also an energetic effect, i.e. through the special vibrations they emit.


From the orbits of the planets around the sun to the movement of the electrons around the atomic nucleus, everything vibrates. Consistent with this conception of sound, each organ, bone and tissue also has its own resonant frequency. Together they give an overall frequency, a harmony, which is then the personal vibration. When an organ or a body is healthy, it produces its own resonant frequency, which is in harmony with the rest of the body. When an illness occurs, a different sound pattern is produced in the affected area of the body, which does not vibrate in harmony.


Even in ancient times, music was used as a remedy for various ailments. Sounds have a measurable effect on breathing, heart and circulation, stomach contractions, stress and pain. The purpose of sounds is to exchange disharmonies and to strengthen life energy.


We too are subject to the law of vibration from plus and minus and vice versa; of attraction and expulsion, energy storage and energy discharge. Every cell, every organ and even every organism has its specific, unmistakable natural frequency spectrum that can be identified. The vibration of a substance can cause an effect only if it can cause another substance to resonate by its vibration. However, as already mentioned, resonance can actually only occur if the natural frequency is approximately identical with the frequency of the substance to be vibrated.


Practically, from the multitude of frequency patterns acting on the body, only those can lead to an effect (reaction) that can trigger a resonance.A general weakening of the body’s energy can lead to an energy imbalance in certain parts of the body.
The result of an energy deficiency is a lowered natural vibration of the cells of the body. When more energy is consumed than is available, the frequency of the cell vibration decreases.
If then such a frequency coincides with the natural vibration of viruses or bacteria, it is easy for the pathogen to multiply. But how can it be explained that some humans are infected quite fast with a virus, others however despite intensive contact are not? (Viruses cannot multiply themselves, they have a very low oscillation frequency).

Powertube Gold And Silver For Selfhealing At Home

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Matter and energy are two inseparably interwoven terms. The matter is so to speak only the carrier of the vibration (information).

The vibration of a matter can cause the vibration of another matter, but can also cause wrong vibrations. Such wrong vibrations often manifest themselves in the form of physical complaints. If the cells are freed from these disturbing factors by deleting the false information, the natural self-healing mechanism of the body is again fully active and able to produce the optimal condition for it.

In order for the organism to be in a good state of defense against the attack of such microbes, it is necessary for the cellular oscillation movement to reach a suitable value. If the viruses now penetrate the body with this low oscillation frequency, they will find a high cell oscillation in a healthy person and thus no resonance. Due to a low cell vibration, the cell has no chance to recognize the virus as a foreign body.
If viruses have a low oscillation frequency, they will not find any resonance with a high cell oscillation and cannot penetrate. At a low cell vibration (caused by lack of energy and physical weakness), on the other hand, they have all the ease. This is where the possibility of frequency therapy comes in. It can also strengthen the cell vibration and thus eliminate the effectiveness of the viruses.

Health in this understanding is the ability to give the body the possibility to resist viruses, bacteria and parasites by an increased cellular vibration and not to step into resonance with this danger potential.

In 2002 the Power QuickZap was developed and in 2004 the Powertube. The Powertube is the frequency device for the new harmonizing frequency therapy.
It is important to understand that the frequencies do not kill pathogens, but they eliminate them by homogenizing the cell structures.

The frequency combination of the Powertube has the effect that the structure of the cells, molecules and tissues is harmonized, i.e. evenly arranged, leaving no more room for pathogens.

With the experience of the last two years it is worthwhile to deepen in the harmonizing frequency therapy and to have a POWERTUBE at home to support family, children and friends, so that they keep their life energy in swing.

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#powertube  #frequency #connecting-frequencies #selfhealing #pain relief

Powertube Gold And Silver For Selfhealing At Home