Epidemics During Grand Solar Minima

by Alexey Ju. Retejum (2020)
Lomonosov Moscow State University

Historical and geographical study of epidemics that affected the population of the Old World from the Stone Age to the present day shows that their development took place against the background of major anomalies in various geospheres. Obviously, an important role in the spread of pathogenic organisms was played by the situation of solar minima, which reveal a centuries-old cyclical repeatability.

The last change in the periods of the 179-year and 1430-year cycles of the Solar system and the biosphere occurred in April 1990. The events of recent years and months follow a General pattern.

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  • Major epidemics in the history of mankind over the past 3-5 thousand years, as a rule, developed against the background of global anomalies in different geospheres.
  • A prerequisite for the spread of dangerous infectious diseases is the periodic weakening of solar activity.
  • The epidemic process is one of the links in the chain reaction that the planet Earth responds to the disturbance from space.

I. Introduction

2017, the journal Astrobiology & Outreach published an article [1] in which a group of scientists from the UK, Sri Lanka, Australia, China and Japan draws our attention to the likely link between the onset of solar lows and pandemics, which can be used as a guide for closer scrutiny of circulating viruses, and monitoring their genetic variations.

The question of the influence of space on diseases has a long history. The merit of the first comprehensive study of global conditions for the development of epidemics belongs to Alexander L. Chizhevsky. Generalization of materials on centuries-old observations of doctors allowed him to conclude that “epochs of natural disasters in nature coincide with the development of certain epidemic diseases”.

These events “periodically repeat” depending on the state of the Sun. In relation to the mechanism of cosmic influence in those years, it was “all dark”, “all unclear”, but there was evidence of the role of electrical phenomena as a conductor.

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