This is very interesting, because it is linked to the impact we have on ourselves and on others through resonance. And as the old saying goes, “You are what you eat” …. ‘You are what you put into your bodies’. Loud noises can disrupt, and quiet ones can calm… so read on and see what you think. With thanks to Zeropoint energy for first posting it on the BIN.

important and informative video by Charly from Argentina.

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translated from Spanish to English by La Quinta Columna

Introduction by Charly: It’s a new video of “They don’t say it on TV”, I’m Charly [1968 film], and the big question that people are asking right now is: “Are vaccinated people contagious?” And I am going to give you an answer based on my knowledge and my conclusions. And before an asshole jumps to say: “But you’re not a scientist, you can’t give an opinion”, I’ll tell them that I am a senior technician in Safety, Hygiene and Industrial Environmental Control. But also, you don’t need to have a degree to be able to give an opinion, to be able to investigate, to be able to reason and to draw a conclusion.

Well, going back to the question: ‘Are the vaccinated contagious?’ And the answer is ‘No’ from a biological point of view, but from a physical point of view, there is an effect similar to contagion. But it is not contagion because there is no transmission of any pathogen. What there is is an exposure to electromagnetic radiation, more precisely the so-called radio frequencies.

Ricardo Delgado: This is very important and this has to be made very clear in the research area of La Quinta Columna. Remember that we who are observers, who believe in true science and use the basic scientific method of observation. Recently I have had the opportunity to be in touch with people close to me who have had radiotherapy. What happens when a person comes from a radiotherapy session, where, as you know, they are also exposed to high electromagnetic fields? Well, this electromagnetic wave meter fires up just like it does with inoculated people. And you will say, “Hey, but microwaves are not as high as the radiation to which someone can be exposed during a radiotherapy session, right?”

Yes, indeed. But since the inoculated carries a marker that catalyzes radiation damage in its biology, which is graphene, they emit radiation exactly like a radio session. And the official and public recommendation for those who come from a radio session is that they do not have contact for at least 24 or 48 hours, (even their clothes have to be put aside) with people under 16 who still have cells in formation, pregnant women, due to the exposure to that electromagnetic radiation that now emanates to the body which has been loaded by this means during the radiotherapy sessions, with other people. Right?

Why? Well, because they get sick. This is not contagion. It’s electromagnetic radiation. And I wanted to take this report, because it is likely that this gentleman will hear us or will follow the research of La Quinta Columna, because it summarizes quite will the whole theme of our research. Well, this electromagnetic wave meter, you are asking what it is. Here the brand appears vaguely. Let’s see if we aan put it later, we have to put it on several occasions. This is an electromagnetic radiation detector, a tester. It’s the way it looks. I think I bought it on Aliexpress or Amazon, I don’t remember. Right?

image electromagnetic radiation detector

And obviously, if I turn it on and bring it closer, for example, here, you’ll hear that it is beeping, right? That is, when you bring it close to a source of radiation, logically it starts to beep and marks the intensity of the magnetic or electromagnetic field in micro teslas, which is the case. I wanted to reflect this research of this man [Charly], or how well he defines the concepts, when it comes to understanding the phenomenon behind it. This is not about contagion, because there is no biological agent. It has never existed. The only thing that is transmitted in the air, in the environment, is a high level of electromagnetic contamination that is much higher than what was before, and also scalar and millimetric.

Remember that 4G propagates into the void and 5G is scalar and millimeter beams, with some degree of penetration of human biology. Precisely for all this type of graphene-based intracorporeal devices introduced, that are going to receive that signal and are going to catapult it, to enhance it, to catalyze it up to three more wave magnitudes. Right? Let’s continue watching the video.

Charly: Official science says that this type of radiation is totally safe, that it does not generate any effect on matter, which is totally false. These electromagnetic radiations have the ability to alter matter and they do so through a concept called ‘resonance’. And through resonance, you can transmit energy and also information. And in this example we can clearly see how this concept works. This man is striking a diapason that vibrates at 512 Herz, that is, it has a resonance frequency of 512 Hertz. And here it is very important to clarify that every atom, every molecule or every more complex structure, such as a body or a building, has a certain resonance frequency.

Ricardo Delgado: And here we make another break. In case it isn’t explained later on in the video, “What is the magnetic resonance of graphene, which is a material that can precisely be radiomodulated with microwaves?” Well, it goes in a wide range, but there is a quality of specific frequencies that causes the maximum resonant effect and therefore, the maximum level of damage. The peak, the maximum of the function, the optimum is 26 GHz. Precisely the frequency that has been tendered in most of the countries of the European Union and the rest of the world and that will soon be broadcast. Nothing good is going to happen. TRUE? Let’s go on. Here we are talking about the concept of acoustic resonance. Right?

Charly: When you strike a diapason, it has a vibrational effect. That is, the other enters directly into resonance. therefore, there is a physical involvement that may even be visible. TRUE? But not only does it have to be acoustic resonance at the decibel level, but also electromagnetic at the frequency level.

So going back to this example, by making it vibrate, it transmits a signal at that same resonance frequency. And as we can see, next to it there is another diapason that has another resonance frequency of 440 Hertz, and what happens? Nothing. The diapason next to it is not affected at all. That is to say, it does not manage to “infect” it with this vibratory effect. Now let’s see what happens when he makes vibrate a diapason that is at the same frequency [512 Hz]. Do you see? …. It transmitted its vibration and it happened by resonance. And this is how radio frequencies affect matter, they act on it.


Ricardo Delgado: Here you also have to take into account the concept of harmonics.

Charly: Atoms, molecules or very specific structures that are at the same resonance frequency and leave everything else unaffected. And this is how in a magnetic resonance it is possible to alter the state of the hydrogen proton by resonance, by applying a radiofrequency that is equal to or close to the resonance frequency of this atom. And because of this magnetic resonance technology, we know that radio frequencies make the proton vibrate, or better said, oscillate specifically.

Ricardo Delgado: Precisely we use the concept of magnetic resonance to make a scan. A scan of what we can find inside the body, right? For example, the appearance of tumor tissues, etc. Regarding the concept of resonance, we can make a picture, a mapping of the human biology. We will upload it to the channel or server of La Quinta Columna TV. Don’t worry. Let’s go on.

Charly: Precisely this is the difference with the so-called ionizing radiations, X-rays, gamma rays, which excite the electron.

Ricardo Delgado: These have a greater degree of penetration, they reach the bone system and you know that in X-rays, we can see fractures, ligaments, etc.

Charly: While radio frequencies excite the proton and in turn when a proton begins to oscillate, it emits electromagnetic radiation that will affect another proton. Which will begin to oscillate and will emit electromagnetic radiation, and so on, losing energy power with the distance. Because we know that these electromagnetic radiations have a range of scope. And just like when you strike a diapason it continues to resonate, emitting vibrations for a while, similarly, a person who has been exposed to radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation, and having a material in the body that is in resonance with this radiation, will continue to emit this signal for a while, regardless of whether they have moved away from the source that emits it. Becoming a walking antenna with the ability to make other people around him resonate who also carry this material in their body.

Ricardo Delgado: Is it clear? It’s clear. TRUE?

Charly: Do you realize how this supposed contagion is not contagion, because there is no pathogen? What there is is exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

Ricardo Delgado: Do you ask about the time here? Well, the time will depend on the amount of radiation absorbed, from parameters such as the distance you have with the other person. What we do know, with testimonial corroboration, is that when a non-inoculated person is also close to many inoculated ones, then he quickly begins to feel bad. Women, especially have a phenomenon of irregularity in the period, bleedings and also nosebleeds appear. And here we are not talking about any contagion. As I say, we are talking about an irradiation phenomenon. Remember that graphene oxide absorbs radiation, and also multiplies it. So we’re dealing with walking routers, too. They’re also sources of radiation. When there is a higher concentration, logically greater is the damage.

Charly: Electromagnetic radio frequencies. Now for it to affect you, you have to have a structure in your body that resonates with that emitted frequency, emitted by antennas or by other people who have that resonant structure within their body. Therefore, you have to be very careful about what you want to inject into your bodies, because that material, when resonating, could cause diseases. You also have to be very careful with antennas that have the capacity to transmit radio frequencies of 60 GHz, which is the resonance of oxygen. And what can happen to oxygen if it is exposed to these radiations and especially if they are very intense? Well, I suppose the same thing can happen to it that happens to this glass when it is subjected to frequencies that are in resonance with its structure. And I could continue talking about this topic, but I’m going to  leave it here for you to continue investigating, reasoning, continue drawing your own conclusions. And if you considered this information important, share it so that the truth goes viral. Greetings.

Ricardo Delgado: Comparing the glass to a cell to make it explode, we would need a lot, a lot of voltage per meter, a lot of artificial ambient electricity.  But it can cause cellular damage, beginning with an inflammation. Precisely what they call CoVid inflammations. When they are pulmonary inflammations, they come under the concept of bilateral pneumonia, right?